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Our 5th stop on our Gate 1 Travel vacation through Ecuador was in Patate. We stayed at Hacienda Leito. 

Where is the Hacienda Leito located?

Hacienda Leito is located in the Llanganates National Park in the Patate Valley in Ecuador

Are there any Instagrammable spots at Hacienda Leito?

Yes! Hacienda Leito sits in a beautiful place surrounded by nature and history. 

Is there a pool at Hacienda Leito?

Yes! There is an indoor pool at Hacienda Leito in Ecuador. Having said that, during our visit with Gate 1 Travel, we were told it is not open Wednesdays or Thursdays due to maintenance. 

What is the check-in time at Hacienda Leito?

Hacienda Leito’s check-in time is from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

What is the check-out time at Hacienda Leito?

Hacienda Leito check-out time is from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Is Wi-Fi available at Hacienda Leito?

Yes. Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel free of charge. 

What activities can you do at Hacienda Leito?

Hacienda Leito is a place to unwind, relax and admire nature. The service desk may offer hiking, walks, classes, etc. but be sure to check with them beforehand. 

What languages are spoken at Hacienda Leito?

The staff at Hacienda Leito speak English and Spanish. 

What are the rooms like at Hacienda Leito?

Hacienda Leito has basic rooms. The beds are comfortable, and the fireplace adds a nice touch to the ambiance. The bathrooms are spacious and comfortable. 

During our Gate 1 Travel to Ecuador, our party consisted of 3 people (my husband, son, and myself). Gate 1 Travel booked us a triple room, and it worked nicely. We could sleep on our beds to get a good night’s sleep. 

As part of a group traveling through Gate 1, we were put up in a side house not part of the original Hacienda environment. Although the room was comfortable, the outside did not have the charm and characteristics of the Hacienda.

Are there fireplaces in Hacienda Leito’s rooms?

Yes! All rooms at Hacienda Leito have fireplaces. It adds a nice touch to the ambiance and helps keep us warm. 

Is there a restaurant at Hacienda Leito?

Yes! You can dine at the restaurant in the Hacienda. 

How is the restaurant at Hacienda Leito?

The food at the Hacienda Leito is delicious, and the restaurant provides a variety of choices. 

During our trip with Gate 1 Travel, we enjoyed one dinner and one breakfast at the Hacienda Leito. 

Does Hacienda Leito provide hair dryers?

No. Hacienda Leito does not provide hair dryers. 

Are the rooms at Hacienda Leito air-conditioned?

No! The rooms at the Hacienda Leito are not air-conditioned. Most hotels in this area will not have AC as the temperature is colder. 

When we visited in July with Gate 1 Travel, we did not miss having an air conditioner. On the contrary, we appreciated the fireplace to keep us warm. 

What is the view from Hacienda Leito’s rooms?

If you stay in the original building, you will have a beautiful view of the entire Hacienda and the mountains behind it. 

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