Our 4th stop on our Gate 1 Travel vacation through Ecuador was in the Amazon. We stayed at the Casa del Suizo in Punta Ahuano. 

Where is the Casa del Suizo located?

Casa del Suizo is a lodge located in the Ecuadorian Amazon in Ahuano. It is around three hours from Quito, followed by an easy 20-minute ride on a motorized canoe.

Source: Kathy D Travels

Is the Casa del Suizo accessible by car or bus?

Yes! Casa del Suizo is also accessible by car or bus. 

How do you get to the Casa del Suizo?

You can arrive at the Casa del Suizo via a motorized boat or by car/bus. 

When we visited Gate 1 Travel, our bus dropped us off at Punta Ahuano, where we embarked on motorized canoes that took us to the lodge. 

Do I need any vaccinations to visit the Casa del Suizo in the Ecuadorian Amazon?

Vaccinations are not required at la Casa del Suizo; however, the U.S. CDC recommends the Yellow Fever vaccine and Malaria treatment. 

Does it often rain at Casa del Suizo?

During our two-night stay at Casa del Suizo, it only rained once, and it passed rather quickly. It made the weather at night cooler too. Because of the rain, we were able to see an astonishing rainbow.

What clothes should I pack for the Casa del Suizo?

Your bathing suit is the most essential thing to pack for the Casa del Suizo. You will be tempted to jump into the pool while walking on the lodge. 

Aside from that, it is essential to pack long socks (at least mid-calf) to wear with the rubber boots the hotel will provide for multiple activities. Also, remember a hat and sunglasses.

Finally, pack a variety of clothes to wear throughout the day. I recommend shorts or t-shirts for hikes and active activities, or if you prefer to get more protection from mosquitos and the sun, you may wear easy dry workout style pants and long sleeve easy dry shirts.

What do I need for my stay at the Casa del Suizo?

Some things are essential for a comfortable stay at the Casa del Suizo. I recommend you pack bug spray or insect repellent for those days you will be hiking in the nature preserves. Sunscreen is also a must. The sun in Ecuador is powerful. 

Hats and sunglasses are handy, especially when going on boat rides to and from attractions or at check-in and check-out. 

Are bugs and mosquitoes an issue at the Casa del Suizo?

No. The Casa del Suizo Lodge does not have a bug/mosquito problem. As a matter of fact, I was surprised that while at the hotel, we didn’t experience ANY issues. 

You need to wear insect repellent when going on hikes and activities that will be off-property. 

Are there any Instagrammable spots at the Casa del Suizo?

Yes! Casal del Suizo is a perfect location for photos and grams. You will find perfect corners, spots, and places to fill your gram with some of the Amazon. You can take pictures and videos when you get on the motorized canoe. 

Is there a pool at the Casa del Suizo?

Yes! The Casal del Suizo has a beautiful pool in the middle of the lodge. 

Source: Paul S Travels

What is the check-in time at the Casa del Suizo?

You can check into your room at the Casal del Suizo at 12:00 p.m. or later. 

What is the check-out time at the Casa del Suizo?

The Casal del Suizo check-out time is at 11:00 a.m. or earlier.

Is Wi-Fi available at the Casa del Suizo?

Yes. Wi-Fi is available throughout the lodge free of charge. 

The signal was a little weak in our room, but our days were so packed with activities that we only wanted to shower and sleep by the time we got to the room. 

What activities can you do at the Casa del Suizo?

The Casal del Suizo has many activities that guests can enjoy. Casa del Suizo provides unique ways to explore the Amazon. Some activities include hiking and trekking the jungle, building and navigating balsa boats along the Napo River, tubing, canopy adventure park, kayaking, and rafting. 

You will also be able to visit the butterfly farm, the AmaZoonico animal sanctuary, and the Cocoa farm. In addition, you can partake in some workshops that include balsa wood carving, gold panning and meet a local Kichwua family. 

Are there tour guides at the Casa del Suizo?

Yes! The Casa del Suizo provides tour guides on all activities. The tour guides are knowledgeable and very attentive. 

Is the day nature hike worth it at Casa del Suizo in the Amazon, Ecuador?

Yes! The guides at Casa del Suizo are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable. During the nature hike at the Casa del Suizo, you will experience the Amazon and learn so many things about the nature and fauna of the area. 

In addition, at the end of the hike, you will feel renewed as you float away on the Napo River after the construction of balsa-style floats. The water in the Napo River is highly refreshing after the nature hike. 

Do you need a walking/hiking stick for the nature hikes at Casa del Suizo in the Amazon, Ecuador?

You may need a walking/hiking stick during the nature hikes at Casa del Suizo in Ecuador. Although I did not use one, I found that many people in my group were grateful to have one. My 11-year-old son used one too.

Do I need to bring a walking/hiking stick for the nature hikes at Casa del Suizo in the Amazon, Ecuador?

No. You do not need to bring your walking stick. Casa del Suizo had multiple natural walking/hiking sticks available at the beginning of the hike.

Is the “tarabita” hanging chair during the nature walk at Casa del Suizo scary?

No! It is a very gentle ride. 

I am not a big fan of heights; however, I did this comfortably. Your Casa del Suizo guide will help you sit on the hanging chair and gently push you off so the cable can take you to the other side. 

Is the hanging bridge during the nature hike at the Casa del Suizo wobbly?

Yes! The hanging bridge you will cross during the nature hike is not static. It will wobble a bit as you and others walk on it. 

Is the canopy adventure at Casa del Suizo in the Ecuadorian Amazon safe?

Yes! The guides are highly trained and spend much time training and teaching everyone participating. The equipment is well maintained as well. All participants have a training session before jumping on the actual course. In addition, everyone is always hooked to the cable with at least one hook. 

What do you learn when you visit the indigenous family in Anaconda Island while staying at Casa del Suizo in Ecuador?

Visiting the Kichwa-speaking community is something special. The Indigenous families in Anaconda Island welcome visitors to share their way of life. We learned the roles of each person in the family. The Shaman also shared a bit about his knowledge. In addition, we learned and observed the process of making chicha. 

Finally, we got a chance to try our luck with the blow darts, which is one of the ways they hunt in the community.

Can I get a massage at the Casa del Suizo?

Yes! You can book a massage at the lodge’s front desk at the Casa del Suizo.

What languages are spoken at the Casa del Suizo?

The staff at the Casa del Suizo speak English and Spanish. 

What are the rooms like at the Casa del Suizo?

The Casa del Suizo has comfortable rooms that overlook the Napo River. The rooms are spacious, comfortable, and well-decorated. Each room has its terrace and hammock to enjoy the Amazon’s views and sounds. 

All rooms have electricity, multiple fans, and 24-hour hot water.

What makes the Casa del Suizo unique?

The Casal del Suizo is in a unique and desirable location like the Amazon. The lodge is well-designed, providing beautiful areas to rest and enjoy. In addition, numerous activities for all ages allow you to explore the area more in-depth. 

Is there a restaurant at the Casa del Suizo?

Yes! You can dine at the Casal del Suizo restaurant. 

Source: Kathy D Travels

How is the restaurant at the Casa del Suizo?

The food at Casa del Suizo is delicious, and the restaurant provides a variety of choices. The meals are served buffet style. 

During our trip with Gate 1 Travel, we enjoyed two dinners, two lunches, and one breakfast at the Casal del Suizo and found the food very delicious. 

Does the Casa del Suizo provide hair dryers?

Yes! The Casa del Suizo has hair dryers in every room. 

Are the rooms at the Casa del Suizo air-conditioned?

No! The rooms at the Casal del Suizo are not air-conditioned. Most hotels in this area will not have AC.

When we visited in July with Gate 1 Travel, we did not miss having an air conditioner. The fans in the rooms are more than enough to keep you cool. The rooms are very well-ventilated. Although the Amazon is warm and humid during the day, it becomes cool and comfortable at night. If it rains, it will be cooler at night. 

We used the sheets and blankets at night. 

What is the view from the Casa del Suizo rooms?

The rooms at the Casa del Suizo all have a beautiful balcony that overlooks the Napo River. From there, you can see the water flowing, hear the birds chirping, and enjoy some time in paradise. 

Is there any laundry service at the Casa del Suizo?

Yes! You can get laundry service at the Casa del Suizo for an extra fee. 

Is the Amazon for kids?

Yes! The Amazon is a great place for kids. Let my son tell you his story about visiting the Amazon.

Below is a letter he wrote to a friend while we were still in the Amazon.

Dear Leo,

I am having a great time here in the Ecuadorian Amazon. That means this part of the Amazon is in Ecuador. We just got here, and I am already sweating. I hear that our hotel room has no air conditioning. I am worried, but I will figure it out. The food here is delicious. My tour guide mentioned there are a lot of activities I can do here. Let’s see how this all turns out.

Right now, I am sitting in my hotel room. It’s beautiful. The bedroom faces the windowless window. That makes no sense! Wait! It does. It’s a window frame without the glass. It just has a mosquito net. Anyhow, there is also a door that takes me to the balcony. On the terrace, there is an awesome hammock.

I sit in it, and I take it all in. I can hear the Napo River roaring in the background. The sound is so relaxing. It’s like I’m listening to the white noise machine I have back at home. I close my eyes and realize I can hear more than just the river. I listen to birds chirping, lizards making a funny noise, and a boat’s motor in the distance. I don’t know what happened, but I must have fallen asleep.

I didn’t realize how hungry I was until the smell of yuca made me return to my senses. Do you know what yuca smells like? It’s hard to explain. Generally, it’s an earthy smell, but this one I’m smelling … is fried yuca. Think of a scent similar to the yummy french fries we have at Chick-fil-a. I get up and head to the restaurant with my family. They have the yuca I was dreaming of and many other things.

I was surprised to look in one of the serving trays. Was I still dreaming? This food was moving. Juan Carlos, one of the guides from the hotel, told me those were grubs, and he shoved one into his mouth. Was I still dreaming? I could hear the crunches, but he seemed to enjoy them. I had to pass on the grubs and went for the yuca. I love yuca. Having said that, do you know what I tried yesterday? I tried lemony ants. Those actually tasted like little lemon drops.

Later today, I am going on a canopy adventure. My mom is really nervous about it. She is afraid of heights. Heights don’t bother me, so I am counting down the minutes. I hear we first have to hike up a big mountain, and then after some training, we can jump from tree to tree like Tarzan does in that Disney movie.

I’ll have to tell you more about that once I do it.

I hope you are already loving Argentina. I bet the weather there is much more different than in the Amazon. Aren’t you in the middle of winter there? I could use a bit of that cool weather here.

Talk to you later,

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