Hey there, fellow explorers! We’re Catalina and Bas, and we can’t get enough of seeing the world. Catalina, the teacher with a wanderlust heart, and Bas, the foodie and hospitality whiz, have a knack for finding those hidden gems and creating the kind of trips that make lasting memories.

We get it – planning a trip can be overwhelming. That’s why we turned our passion for travel into detailed guides, sharing everything we know to help you make the most of your adventures. Please consider us your travel-obsessed friends, always ready to offer advice and inspiration.


Catalina, a dual citizen of both the United States and Colombia, studied in the United States and holds a Master’s in Education and a Specialist in Instructional Design and Technology.

Bas, Catalina and Nano on a hike in NC

She has worked as a Spanish teacher for over 17 years and travels every chance she gets. As a child, she had the fortune to live in multiple countries and was allowed to experience many countries’ cultures as a local. She is also the proud owner of Teacher Catalina, a Spanish learning environment.

Bas & Catalina In Paris on a tour in a Citroen 2cv

Bas, a Dutch national, studied in Europe and is a double major in International Hospitality and Business Management.

He has worked for the Starwood hotels as a Food and Beverage Assistant in Salzburg, Austria, as a  VIP members server in the Caribbean, as a Food and Beverage Manager at a high-end hotel in Miami, and as a Culinary Assistant with Holland America Cruise Line. He is currently a Food Service Director and Executive Chef in Florida.

Together, we have visited over 40 countries and many states. We always love to plan and organize trips months in advance. We focus on finding genuine experiences and activities that help us experience the city or country we visit. Many friends and colleagues have asked for our itineraries and tips, so we decided to create helpful guides to share our itineraries and our experiences, tips, tricks, and things we learned along the way.