** This is NOT a sponsored Post. All of the information and reflections are based on our own experiences with Gate 1 Travel **

Traveling with Gate 1 Travel is a unique experience. It’s a vacation like no other. Not only are you traveling to foreign lands, but you are doing it with a group of people you may not know. In addition, most of your meals are included, some activities have been pre-selected for you, and you can add a few more activities in most cases. Gate 1 Travel is set up so you can have an immersive experience with locals, the culture of the country you visit and, indulge in real moments. 

Most things that you get to worry about in a regular vacation are taken care of by Gate 1 Travel, allowing you to focus on truly living and experiencing your vacation. 

Cultural Experiences

One of my favorite parts about Gate 1 Travel vacations is the aspect of being able to experience the local culture. Some of the activities in your Gate 1 travel tour are designed to allow you to learn and experience the culture. This is a unique aspect of Gate 1 vacations. 

When we traveled to Ecuador, we had unique experiences with the locals. For example, on our way to the Otavalo Market Gate 1, arranged to have three lovely visitors on our bus ride. These three nice women shared their traditional attire, talked about their culture (Quichua), and even sang for us in their native language. 

We also had many more instances when we got to experience the culture and learn from our surroundings. That’s why I call Gate 1 Travel experiences learning vacations

Airport Transfers with Gate 1 Travel

Airport transfers can be arranged through Gate 1 Travel. Finding transportation in a different country where you may not speak the language can be stressful, especially after a long flight. 

When we travel with Gate 1 Travel we schedule airport transfers to start our vacation on the right foot and stress-free. During our last vacation to Ecuador, after we went through immigration and luggage collection, we stepped out, and the first person we saw was our tour manager Giovanna with a big Gate 1 Travel sign. 

We waited a few minutes so she could gather a few more travelers who were on our flight. We took this time to go to the bathroom and acclimate. The wait is generally very short. That day, Giovanna made several trips to the airport to pick up everyone in our group. 

After she had all 6 of us, she walked us outside the airport, where a comfortable minivan was waiting for us with our driver Roque. Roque took care of our luggage, and we sat comfortably as Giovana told us about Quito, the capital of Ecuador

Transfers from the airport to the hotel started our vacation easily, without any stress.

Porterage with Gate 1 Travel

Porterage is included in Gate 1 Travel escorted tour buses. All passengers are allowed one piece of luggage per person plus one carry-on bag. 

I have to say that porterage was not something I ever thought about when traveling, but after our trip to Ecuador with Gate 1 Travel, I am totally sold. It’s all about taking stress off of your vacation. Not having to worry about the little things to be able to focus on the important part of the vacation, which is to live and experience. 

During your first day, you are given luggage tags for all your suitcases, ensuring everything is organized and delivered to the right place. Porterage is something Gate 1 Travel has perfected. My entire family was thoroughly impressed. All luggage was picked up on time and delivered quickly after arrival at each hotel. 

During the eight days of my trip to Ecuador, I had zero worries about my luggage. The night before, we were told to have our luggage ready by our door at a certain time. From there, the next time I saw my luggage was at the next hotel. 

Tour Managers with Gate 1 Travel

Tour Managers are part of your Gate 1 Travel experience. Gate 1 hires passionate and experienced locals who are eager to teach you about their country and share everything they know about it. 

The Tour Manager sets the tone for the entire trip. Think of them as the group leader and a local friend to whom you can ask questions. Our Tour Manager Giovanna did many things for us during our trip to Ecuador. During the bus rides, she would highlight important things such as cities, monuments, and even interesting bird nests. She also shared her expertise at every place we visited. She welcomed questions and answered them to the best of her ability. In addition, Giovanna made different stops to let us try things such as guaba (not to be confused with guava). Whenever we had a “technical stop,” A.K.A. bathroom break, she would go into the gas station and buy a little treat to share. Something she felt was local. 

Little things like these made the difference, making traveling with Gate 1 Travel unique. 

Bus Drivers with Gate 1 Travel

Excellent bus drivers are essential for a successful escorted tour. Gate 1 Travel provides professional and phenomenal bus drivers for all their escorted tours. 

During our trip to Ecuador, we were amazed at the skill our bus driver, Roque, had. Imagine driving through the tight historical city of Quito in a huge motor coach. It felt like we wouldn’t get through some places, but Roque always managed to get us through safely and promptly. 

In our experience, bus drivers with Gate 1 are more than just bus drivers. They are part of a dynamic duo with the Tour Manager. The bus driver helps with everything related to the bus, from driving it to keeping it clean to sanitizing our hands every time we get on to also sharing their expertise as a local.

In the past, I’ve done vacations worldwide where I’ve rented a car and attempted to drive with the locals. Although we’ve managed to explore the world and avoid accidents, driving in a foreign country can be stressful. Gate 1 Travel takes that stress away from you while allowing you to visit many cities in one country.

Stress-Free vacations with Gate 1 Travel

Gate 1 Travel takes every stress you could think of out of my hands.

When I travel with Gate 1 Travel, I only worry about getting myself to the airport, and from then on, they manage things in such a perfect way that you don’t even notice what goes on in the background.

Traveling with Gate 1 Travel has been a stress-free way of traveling with my family. That is one of the reasons why traveling with Gate 1 Travel is a unique experience.

How to book a Vacation with Gate 1 Travel?

  1. Go to the Gate 1 Travel website for available trips, dates, and prices. https://www.gate1travel.com/
  2. Write down the name of the itinerary you are interested in booking.
  3. Call the Gate 1 Travel booking department at 1-215-572-7676 (the # is also available on the website).
  4. To receive a discount on your vacation, let them know that we referred you. You can provide my husband’s name and Account ID. His name is: Bas Nijmeijer, and the account ID is: 8585461.
  5. Get excited and begin counting down.
  6. We may see you around 🙂
  7. Tag me on Instagram on your photos and videos! I would love to see your adventures!

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