** This is NOT a sponsored Post. All of the information and reflections are based on our own experiences with Gate 1 Travel **

I took my first group trip with Gate 1 Travel this year, and it won’t be the last. As a matter of fact, the day after I returned from our first trip, I begged my husband to book another one, and it is already on the calendar.  That is how much I enjoyed traveling with a group on an escorted tour. 

What is group travel?

Group travel is when a group of people travels together to a specific destination. This can be done through a tour operator or by planning the trip yourself. Group travel can be a great way to save money, meet new people, and have a more organized trip.

As a mom, do you have to plan anything when traveling with Gate 1?

Not much!  As a mom, you don’t have to plan much, if anything at all. The itinerary is preset for your family, transfers from city to city are already arranged, your suitcase will be taken care of, most of your meals will be prepared, and most activities are already included. 

For me, not having to plan anything was one of the highlights of group travel. As moms, we try to plan the day for our families, and when we go on vacation we try to plan activities and visit places that will suit all of the personalities in our family. With group travel, all those things are taken care of for you. You just need to show up! 

What is it like traveling with a group when you are family traveling with Gate 1?

Traveling as a family in a group can be very rewarding. Generally, on the 2nd day of your tour, there will be a welcome meeting where you meet all travelers and hear the expectations for the group. This is a great time to begin forming friendships and listening to like-minded individuals. 

Our family bonded with many other people during our last trip with Gate 1 Travel. Our group consisted of 37 individuals from all different parts of the world. After that initial meeting, we began conversing, sharing stories about previous trips, and getting to know the people we would spend time with for the next eight days. By dinner time, we sat together, sharing hot tea at the Puerto Lago Country Inn, taking photos, and creating memories together. 

How do meals work for my family when traveling with Gate 1?

Most meals are included when traveling with Gate 1. A few times you will have to get some meals on your own, but even then, the tour manager will have plenty of recommendations and can steer you in the right direction depending on your preferences. 

As a mom, this was amazing. Gate 1 provided various options, and my son was always happy with at least 1 or 2 choices. I loved not having to cook on vacation or having to come up with where to eat. More importantly, I enjoyed trying different local foods or, depending on the day, sticking with something a little more in the comfort food category. 

What activities can you do on Gate 1 with family?

Gate 1 Travel trips already come with so much included, which goes for activities, too. You will have the option to add more activities during some trips. Activities with Gate 1 vary and can go from ziplining to touring museums and everything in between. 

During our last trip with Gate 1, we visited Ecuador, and we were able to partake in many activities. For example, we shopped at the Otavalo market, toured the historical part of Quito and tried delicious traditional candy, hiked the Amazon, floated down the Napo River on wood balsa-style boats, also did a canopy experience, and explored waterfalls on a cable cart. My entire family was able to be part of all activities. 

What is transportation like for my family while traveling with Gate 1 Travel?

Gate 1 provides transportation during your trip. Depending on the trip, the size of the bus may vary. 

During our last trip with Gate 1 to Ecuador, we were picked up from the airport in a van with plenty of space for the eight people traveling. Having said that, the majority of the trip we spent on a coach bus that was super comfortable, clean, and spacious. 

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