Villa de Leyva is a charming colonial town in the Department of Boyacá, Colombia. Throughout my life, I have visited this little town regularly, and I am always surprised that every time I visit, I find something new that makes me fall even more in love with this magical place. 

One morning as we walked around the plaza and the many cute little streets surrounding it, we landed upon El Museo del Chocolate. It’s impossible to miss it; you will be tempted to check it out once you see it. My advice? Give into that temptation. We truly had a great experience and cannot wait to visit again. 

What is El Museo del Chocolate in Villa de Leyva?

El Museo del Chocolate (Chocolate Museum) is not necessarily a museum but more of a place that celebrates chocolate. You could say it has some museum aspects, but you can also find a great restaurant and beautiful interior and exterior gardens; the decoration is magical … like out of a movie, and your senses are immediately engaged. Think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It is worth visiting at least once.

Where is el Museo del Chocolate located?

After our first visit, we learned that there are two locations for el Museo del Chocolate. All within walking distance from la Plaza Mayor. The first time we visited the smaller location on the left-hand side of the plaza. As our vacation progressed in Villa de Leyva, we stopped at the main location to enjoy one last cup of chocolate caliente and a delicious milhoja. 

What to eat at el Museo del Chocolate

You can have virtually every meal at el Museo del Chocolate. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also visit them for las onces, a traditional Colombian tradition to get together with family and friends for warm drinks and dessert. To read more about las onces, click here

We recommend you try the milhoja con ruana. The milhoja is a traditional Colombian dessert made of layers of puff pastry and filled with pastry cream and arequipe (caramel, dulce de leche). El Museo del Chocolate tops the traditional milhoja with a slice of gratinated cheese to represent the region’s traditional article of clothing, called la ruana. 

If you like hot chocolate, we recommend you enjoy a cup of delicious hot cocoa. Try it with cheese. It’s a Colombian thing and worth giving a try.  To read more about how Colombians drink Hot Chocolate, click here.

When in Colombia, you will find natural juices everywhere. El Museo del Chocolate is not an exception. Here you can try guanabana juice or passion fruit juice with a hint of chocolate. 

In addition to sweet treats, they have a full menu of savory dishes, all with a little hint of cacao. 

What is inside el Museo del Chocolate?

Both locations have 3 main areas. 

The store, the inside dining room, and the gardens and outside dining areas.

As you enter el Museo del Chocolate, you will find a store where you can buy all sorts of products for the chocolate lover. For example, souvenirs, boxes of bonbons, chocolates, and even beauty products such as cacao facial treatments. 

The inside dining room is meticulously decorated. It’s something like a fairy tale. It evokes a dreamy feeling. Imagine draping flowers coming out of the roof, a beautiful piano, stylish seating arrangements, and a beautiful ceiling … It’s almost like they made sure every one of your senses is engaged. They thought of everything. 

The outside gardens are beautifully decorated too. You are surrounded by beautiful flowers, fountains, sculptures, and even a wishing well in the open air. In addition, there are a lot of instagrammable corners and places to enjoy the Colombian sun while enjoying a delicious meal or dessert. 

What are the prices like at El Museo del Chocolate?

El Museo del Chocolate has a variety of items that range in price. Compared to other small bakeries in Villa de Leyva, their price is a bit higher; however, the service is top-notch, the food is delicious, and you get an unforgettable experience. In my opinion, it’s worth it!

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