In my last blog post, I talked to you about driving in Bogotá, Colombia. Lots of traffic, bikes, motorcycles, pedestrians, and street vendors, all on the same road, sharing the same lanes. Colombians who live in the city are used to this style of driving, where they all follow the unspoken rules of the road. 

When we got out of the city driving towards the department of Boyacá, it was like a light switch went on, and this beautiful landscape appeared. Driving became pleasant, with beautiful curvy roads through the mountains and overlooking the valleys. 

Villa de Leyva is a popular destination for Colombians during any holiday weekend; therefore, expect lots of cars and traffic during those times. However, having said that, although it is still a little crowded and you do have to maneuver around cars, people, and sometimes horses, it’s not as stressful as Bogotá driving. 

More importantly, the traffic calmed down, and people drove more relaxed.

The drive from Bogotá to Villa de Leyva is about 4 hours, but those 4 hours go by quickly as you go through different towns, and you can make different stops to eat and enjoy some yummy food. 

During our time in Villa de Leyva, we explored surrounding towns like Santa Sofia and Gachantivá. Every time we got on the road in the department of Boyacá, we felt like we were in a story out of a children’s book. The landscape is mesmerizing. There is always something to look at, and the drive is generally delightful. 

Do I recommend driving in the countryside? Absolutely! It is a gorgeous drive!

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